Weak Strength

It sounds very peculiar to say that there is such a thing as ‘weak strength’ since it sounds like a contradiction in terms but in actual fact this turns out to be a very handy way of thinking about things. Normally we confuse the two….

No Attitude

What helps with mental distress is having no kind of attitude, no kind of ‘approach’. The only thing that helps is having no attitude! Anything else merely adds to the distress. This needs to be emphasized because we are so convinced to the contrary –…

Tuning Into The Pain

When ‘negative’ or distressing thoughts arise, or when our thoughts start becoming agitated or speeded up, then this is always because of some sort of ‘inner pain’ that we are not directly aware of. This is always the case – the negative or racing thoughts are…

The ‘Futile Task’ of Fighting Anxiety

There are a number of different ways of explaining anxiety. One way is to say that anxiety is what happens when we try to solve a problem that can’t be solved. This is a very simple approach to anxiety, and it is also very helpful….